Sovannaphum Life officially launch “SMILE education 15/15 &10/10"


Sovannaphum Life (SVL) is a joint venture Company between Canadia Investment Holding PLC., the holding Company of Canadia Bank, and Muang Thai Life Assurance PCL. from Thailand.

Sovannaphum Life Assurance Plc. understands the Love that parents have for their kids. We are honored to announce our official product launch of the anticipated SMILE Education Plan 15/15 and SMILE Education 10/10. 


The new status of Cambodian consumers are increasingly placing more importance on their children’s education. As parents, they want to ensure that their children would receive the highest education which would lead to a better opportunity. With this in mind, Sovannaphum Life designed these Education Plan products that offer a comprehensive life insurance protection with a flexible and affordable premium saving. 


The product launch was held on 27 May 2017 at Kids city, Phnom Penh, Cambodia and attended by parents with their kids and top management of both Sovannaphum Life and Canadia bank. The event was celebrated with laugh from joyful kids who enjoy their time at Kids City by exploring and learning from many activities. The kids’ laugh and joy are parent’s happiness.


Sovannaphum Life is here to protect the Love and Smile of each Cambodian’s family through our SMILE Education Plan 15/15 and SMILE Education 10/10. Sovannaphum Life’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Arjan Wes, commented that “these products are easy to understand products that most families would love to give to their own kids to secure their future, these products are well-known around the world and it is the first step into life insurance for the Cambodian market and who does not want to take care of his own kids and secure his own kids’ future? And we do feel very good about this type of product.”


Sovannaphum Life is confident that our newly launched products will give parents a peace of mind and a financial worry-free future regarding their kids’ education. No matter what happens to them, their dream of their children’s high education will live on.